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My corporate website pe01644a.gif (2627 bytes) Look quickly.  Its time is running out.



Lacking a "real" job,  I've worked for a few days to a few months, since 1976, occasionally venturing into the world of permanent employment.   There were occasional telework projects that could be done from home in East Tennessee. cabin.jpg (19630 bytes)
Our cabin on English Mountain, TN.  Windows armored in preparation for the next expedition.  Other times, there are independent product developments.  
But mostly, I travel, either plane/hotel, or RV.
Consequently, I've sampled the local customs, food, language, folklore, and sights in many unusual places. xmasdin.jpg (7780 bytes).
Christmas Dinner 1997. 
Court of Two Sisters, New Orleans, LA

sunrise.jpg (13581 bytes)
Sunrise on the Gulf of Mexico
Just as I've seen lots of places, I've had to keep ahead of technology all the time.  The "hot" technologies today are guaranteed to be lukewarm in six months.   Troubleshooters are just too expensive if you can find the same skills in the general workforce population.  stockhlm.gif (44112 bytes)
Stockholm at 11 PM, Summer 1996
Home of cell phone movers & shakers
swampth.jpg (14200 bytes)
Primitive bayou country December, 1997

Necessarily, I've been pushing the envelope for decades, while some of my friends from 1976 who didn't get laid off, are still doing the same thing they were twenty-five years ago.


towtruck.jpg (15660 bytes)
Of course, things sometimes go wrong. 
Homeless for two weeks, Summer 1997.  Eddyville, KY


There have been problems, but adventures, satisfactions, and lessons have compensated for uncertainty.  We always leave a place with new friends and new understanding.  Twenty-five years' experience is exactly that, not one year, twenty-five times.


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